LifeWorks Rehab®

The exclusive LifeWorks Rehab® program provides a unique, clinically proven approach to short-term inpatient rehabilitation and recovery from illness, injury or surgery.

“LifeWorks Rehab not only helped me regain my health with a customized, seven-day-a-week therapy program designed just for me, they also set me on a path to living stronger and healthier for the rest of my life.”
Gweneth West
Heart Attack Recovery
“After my stroke, I needed the BEST care I could find to get back on my feet. I knew I had a choice and I chose a LifeWorks Rehab center. It was the best choice I could have ever made. Thanks to LifeWorks, I was able to get back home and back out on the water after a debilitating stroke.”
Michael Riggs
Stroke Recovery
“The LifeWorks Rehab program was an ideal fit for me. I’m very active and love to travel. It was important to me to be able to continue doing the things I love to do, and my therapists really pushed me to make the strongest recovery I could make.”
Jan Boctor
Knee Surgery Recovery
“My LifeWorks Rehab program was custom designed just for me. It was 100% on point, with 7 day a week therapy. It was exactly the intensity I needed after my hip replacement surgery. LifeWorks worked so well that I chose them AGAIN when I needed my other hip replaced. It was a no-brainer; there’s nowhere else I’d go.”
William Jointer
Hip Surgery Recovery

Advanced Technology

Our state-of-the-art gym features the latest advancements in therapy technology and equipment, so you can recover with confidence.

Therapy When You Need It

Customized therapy is available up to 7 days a week for 2-3 hours per day on your schedule.

Highly Skilled Team

We have a dedicated team of physicians, nursing staff, and therapists (not contractors) equipped to provide the best care.

Unique Tools

Our exclusive Recovery Map™ and Personal Report Card™ help patients and their families track daily progress and stay motivated.

Medically Supervised

We provide a comprehensive environment of recovery care with a non-stop rotation of skilled providers here for you.

Comprehensive Recovery Care

We are proud to offer 24-hour-a-day care in a total recovery environment.

Dedicated to Health and Safety

We have implemented diligent health and safety protocols, including the use of world-class disinfecting technology, to keep you safe throughout your stay.

Fewer Readmits

Our customized therapy program has proven lower hospital readmission rates.

Customized for you.

Our expert staff and unique tools are all designed to give you the best care, specific to you. No matter what you’re facing, the LifeWorks Rehab® program is the smartest choice and the quickest route back to where you belong.

LifeWorks Rehab® Recovery Map

Your Customized Road to Recovery

Your LifeWorks Rehab recovery starts with comprehensive evaluations of your medical and functional status.

This is the baseline from which your road to recovery begins.

A LifeWorks Rehab exclusive, this is when you’ll meet with your recovery team to review needs, set goals, and create your own Individualized Recovery Plan.

This is the point at which many patients self-initiate discharge back home before they’re fully prepared, greatly increasing the risk of medical decline and hospital return.

Every home and patient are unique. Together we'll complete a home assessment – either at our center or in your home – to make sure you're 100% prepared to return safely home.

The LifeWorks Rehab® Recovery Map is a sequenced treatment plan designed to guide patients through the recovery process from admission to discharge, only available with LifeWorks Rehab.

Download the Full Map

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